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Experience in Cranes

Over 40 years of experience

Our range of Workstation systems has been formed from over 40 years of experience in light rail applications. Since its launch in the early 70’s the MET-TRACK® product has been used by clients worldwide. The NEW range of workstation products, comprising Workstation Bridge Cranes, Workstation Jib Cranes, Monorails and Horizontal Fall Arrest Systems, is the latest development of the ORIGINAL MET-TRACK® profile.

Matching your requirements

Making it Fit

Workspaces are never the same; areas to be covered differ on most occasions, so why impose standard kits on your client and expect them to make modifications when a custom size crane can be produced without detailed engineering. The Met-Track® program allows you to have your crane manufactured to your exact specification, single or multiple bridges, runway lengths, spans and load pin heights all to inch increments.

Experience in Cranes

Choosing the Right Partner...

Being in the Industry for such a long time clearly demonstrates that our product is a good alternative to those already in the market. In fact, in times of old many competitors have used our profile to kick start their program, this is one of the major reasons why you can rely on us as a partner for the future. We also pride ourselves in our commitment to customer service and as an ISO9001 approved supplier you can be sure we will be behind you all the way.